Back to Beige?

Beige. The very word is a bit dull. Seriously not something that gets described as ‘hot’, ‘cool’, ‘popping’, or much of anything but ‘dull’. Sometimes bland. Sometimes with an eye roll.

But could it be the hip new neutral? Especially when you look at the spectrum it covers – a huge range of shades of light brown.


Seriously, that is a lot of variety there. And this isn’t even the full spectrum. Google ‘beige’ and be prepared to be a bit surprised. Beige has some range, and some depth of spectrum, that make it one of the most versatile color palettes out there.

What’s interesting is that the move toward beige tones as the new neutral is also a move away from gray tones. While gray can add a lot of character, there is, even in the lightest shades, a bit of darkness that beige doesn’t necessarily bring to the decor. Beige offers a warmth and soothing glow to feature walls, and is perfect when paired with brighter accent colors, even light blues.

So give beige a second look – you might be surprised at what it can bring to your interior.