Brunch. It’s Serious Business

If you have tried to do brunch on Sunday in the city, you know that planning and timing are crucial. With the standard first-come, first-served model, and the massively unbalanced bruncher:brunch ratio, knowing where you are going is crucial.

Here are some ideas on where you can head for your next outing:

The Hampton Social – River North

Hampton as in the New York playground for wealthy. The Hampton Social offers ‘coastal cuisine’, which seems to mean ‘heavy on the lobster’ in a nautically-themed space. The brunch menu ranges from the usual suspects like Belgian waffles, French toast, and frittata to a lobster BLT, frisee salad, and a breakfast sandwich.

Son of a Butcher Tavern – Logan Square

Not new, but new on the brunch scene, the Son of a Butcher is where carnivores go to indulge. The very name, Cochon Brunch gives it all away. With dishes like the strangely inviting, and undescribed, piggie by the pound and other options like a lamb sausage crockpot, half chicken, or beef navel pastrami Benedict, Son of a Butcher has you meat lovers totally covered.

Ampersand Wine Bar – Ravenswood

Somewhere along the way, they misunderstood the ‘brunch’ concept. But calling it ‘lunner’ is just silly. Ampersand’s brunch starts at noon, and runs until 4PM, catering to those who really, really overdid it the night before. Offering a slightly different take on the brunch food as well, Ampersand offers up meat and cheese boards, smoked salmon belly, and a burrata with duck prosciutto.

Pub Royale – Wicker Park

Brunch with an Indian twist. From classic Indian dishes like kedgeree (a fave in the days of the British Raj), chicken tikka rolls, and lamb dumplings to more American offerings with a sense of humor (the Royale with cheese), Pub Royale has something to appeal to everyone’s brunch tastes. Writing this around lunch time has me craving the giant doughnut in a chai dolce de leche sauce.