Dwyane Wade Rents 19th Century Gold Coast Mansion

webster houseOk, so what do Emmanuel Lewis, at 4’3″ and Dwyane Wade, at 6’4; have in common?

Not much, really. Just a house.

Yup, Chicago Bulls new pickup, Wade, has moved into the house made famous on the TV show Webster, starring Lewis. Wade has opted to not purchase the Gold Coast home, built in 1885. The property was listed at $9.5 million, and had been on the market since this spring.

Unlike many comparable homes in the Gold Coast, this one has not been subdivided into condo units.

There are no details of the monthly rental price – but it is expected to be substantial.


I wanted to add a word on identifying the home address of a celebrity, given the celeb-stalker culture, and the quick to turn on you nature of Chicago sports fans. Previous articles about celebrity addresses have kept the address out, as much because it was not previously made public. In this case, the address was made public, by Crain’s Chicago Business and their offshoot Curbed Chicago. If the information is there, then it is fair game. A previous article about a Blackhawks player in the Gold Coast did not have this, as it was not public at press time. We will continue to only list addresses that are already public, in the interest of privacy and being a good neighbor.