For Landlords

Mike Kravitz Chicago Landlord Guide – 2011

Whether you’re a big management company, a part time real estate investor, or a first – time landlord, you’ ll face the same challenges and (with limited exceptions) be forced to comply with the same laws when renting out your apartment. The key to success is retaining tenants, avoiding vacancies, and staying on the right side of the law, particularly in Chicago, where the penalties for non – compliance with the local landlord – tenant ordinance are draconian and expensive. In this guide, Mike Kravitz hopes you’ll find the advice you need to succeed… Click to the left for the entire article.

For Tenants

Renters Assist Section

The renters section is filled with information to assist you along with your rental search, including topics such as – Advice for Renters, First Step: Choose Your Preferences, Type of Building, Location ,  Monthly Rent,  Pet Needs,  Number of Bedrooms, Gather the following documentation before looking at properties + More. Click to the left for the entire article

Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing

We provide a database of quality residential properties ranging from budget properties to exclusive high-end homes available for rent throughout Chicago.Listed properties are located in both popular and unique locations, range from studio apartments to expansive homes, offer a range of furnishings, rates and special options like accommodating pets and flexible lease terms tailored to individual tenants’ and owners’ needs.