New Old Town Bar Bets It’s Good To Be Bad


Named for the cut the house takes on a gambling transaction (and featuring the formula for figuring it hung on the wall), Old Town’s new sports bar The Vig is drawing a lot of attention. Good attention. The Vig is receiving praise for the classic and classy design, heavy on blonde wood, brick, and classic design themes, as well as the skilled mix of the vintage and modern. Black & white photos compliment the flat TVs, which are set into the wall like the mirror above a fireplace. The space also features 27-foot ceilings, and an homage to sports gambling with photos of icons including banned baseball player Pete Rose and mafia boss Arnold Rothstein.

vig_insideThe menu offers custom drinks as well as dinner, late night, and brunch food offerings. The drink menu (The Book) lists three pages of beers, and two pages of whiskey variants. Impressive.

The mission of The Vig is clear – to connect with the villain of the piece, and they do pull it off.