Businesses Copy Residential Amenities Focus

 Prudential Plaza Roof Deck (Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune)So it isn’t just your luxury condo tower that is investing in the kinds of appointments that used to be reserved for the richest among us. Business towers are finding that a hot, hip, restaurant; bike storage; luxury bathrooms; and an ultra-modern exercise suite are becoming must-haves to attract their tenants too.

Of course, being businesses, there are differences. Meeting spaces, golf simulators, and even old-school arcade games are all on the list for business towers looking to draw tenants away from the West Loop and Fulton Market neighborhoods.

So how does this tie into the residential business? By keeping up with the trends in business, I can see where the residential market will likely head over the next few years. Residential properties are always in front of businesses in the amenities game, and with an ear to the ground on this, I can steer you to the best choices for the amenities you want. Drop me a line, and I’ll be happy to give you all the details.