Begun the Gelato Wars Have

Ok, this is one that takes some explaining.

The prairie-style pavilion in Mariano Park is home to Bow Truss Coffee, and as part of their product offering, when they took over the space this year, was gelato. So far, so good. They brought in Chicago’s Black Dog Gelato – a north-side favorite. Still not a problem – Black Dog is exactly the kind of thing that generally appeals to Gold Coast folk – small batch gelato with unique flavors.

But not this time. In part because the pavilion is just that – a pavilion – not a proper shop, the gelato concession is basically a freezer case. And the locals are not amused. Complaints include bad presentation, consistency issues, and not being ‘traditional’.  There has been a petition drive to force Black Dog out in favor of nearby gelato importer Amorino. This has led to residents demanding discounts from Amorino for some reason.

Whatever the outcome, Bow Truss is not required to get approval from anyone, city or residents, for their food concessions. At this point, they have dug in, and are refusing to respond to what they describe as bullying.

What are your thoughts?