Saving A 128 Year Old Home

Photo credit: DNAinfo/David MatthewsOriginally built in 1888, this limestone row house has been the odd-building-out for some time now. Alderman Hopkins admits that, while being past the home many times, he never really noticed it, as it is well-hidden.

The owner died in May, and the home went under contract at that time for $1.28 million – to a developer who wanted to replace it with a tower.

That fell through when the developers realized that, honestly, a tower was a really bad idea there. Too skinny. Around then, Hopkins filed to change the zoning, effectively ending any future talk of a tower. The proposed DX-3 zoning would still allow a tear-down, and Ald. Hopkins has promised to hold a community meeting should the house sell to a developer.

MLS lists it as again under contract, this time for $965,000. No word on that potential buyer’s plans.

Either way, I hope it can be saved – these old homes are amazing, and a part of Chicago history.