The Best Apps For Parking In Chicago

There are lots of ways to get from A to B in Chicago. But what do you do once you are there? Where do you put the car? Here is my list of the top parking apps for making sure you are safe, secure, and not breaking the bank to park in Chicago.


Parking in Chicago is a pain – from the endless hunt for street parking to the insane costs for lots (when they are even available). Enter SpotHero.With this app, you can get the early bird specials any time, pay less for an all-day park than the posted hourly rate, even find parking for a fraction of the going rate. Your spot is saved for you, and you are in for less than the posted rate – what’s not to love?



Like SpotHero, but with two main differences – the costs are fixed, but the spaces are more limited.  ParkWhiz keeps it simple with a three-tier pricing structure. $5 for one hour, $10 for 2 hours, $15 for all day. Bang, done. This can get you the best deals in the Loop, when it is available. A lot of the difference between spot rosters is due to the newness of ParkWhiz, so expect that to pick up as it gains in popularity and use.



Another app that runs the name together, ParkChicago is the official app for Chicago parking Meters, LLC. Those are the folks that run the meters in the city, and this is the cool way to pay for them. Just enter the code, found on the green and white signs by all the payboxes, and pick your time. The app will remind you when it is time to renew the parking, or move your car. The app even updates with parking restrictions, and will flat out tell you when you can’t be there!


Meter Beaters Chicago

This is a rather unique app – it lists where to find free parking in Chicago. No meter, no lot, just free street parking. Recent updates include street cleaning times and locations, so you can avoid expensive tickets and towing. There is, of course, no promise of an actual spot, but this can tell you where the free stuff is, and make sure you know if you are ok, or tow-bait.